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Should we really be making money out of the First World War

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BerichtGeplaatst: 11 Mrt 2014 15:11    Onderwerp: Should we really be making money out of the First World War Reageer met quote

Which event taking place in Britain this year promises to offer many "commercial opportunities", serve "as an economic driver", "contribute to the regeneration" and provide "a great opportunity to promote" a "wonderful town"? The 450th birthday of Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon, perhaps, or the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow? No. It's the anniversary of the start of the First World War.

It seems that wherever there is sombre remembrance, there is also a potential revenue stream to be tapped. London's Imperial War Museum is offering its centenary partners "unique commercial offers" and "commercial opportunities" tying in with the anniversary. Travel companies that take people to the battlefields of France and Belgium are set for a bumper year. And backers of Step Short, a charity that is erecting a memorial arch in Folkestone later this year at the cost of half a million pounds, look forward to it "attracting investment", "creating jobs" and contributing to "an expected growth in our own tourism".

Given the solemn nature of the anniversary, it is perhaps surprising there has not been more questioning of the marriage of commemoration and commerce. The only place where a real debate has opened up appears to be Folkstone, where a vocal minority has spoken out against what it sees as the distasteful inclusion of economic factors in building the new memorial. "I can't help feeling some disgust," writes Paul Brasington on a local website discussion thread. "This anniversary should be an occasion to honour the dead, but also to reflect soberly on their sacrifice and the leaders who sent them to their pointless deaths Ė but turning the anniversary into a tawdry competition for tourist revenue dishonours them on just about every level."

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