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Onderzoek naar Australische massagraven bij Bullecourt

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Erik S.

Geregistreerd op: 20-3-2009
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BerichtGeplaatst: 07 Feb 2011 1:25    Onderwerp: Onderzoek naar Australische massagraven bij Bullecourt Reageer met quote

Ik begreep enige maanden terug dat de "sleutelpersoon" voor de ontdekking van de Pheasant Wood graven bij Fromelles, nu bezig zou zijn met onderzoek naar massagraven (eveneens Australisch) bij Bullecourt.

Googlen op dit onderwerp levert weinig actuele informatie.

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Peter H

Geregistreerd op: 27-11-2009
Berichten: 427
Woonplaats: Blackpool

BerichtGeplaatst: 07 Feb 2011 8:39    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote
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Geregistreerd op: 10-9-2007
Berichten: 668

BerichtGeplaatst: 30 Aug 2011 20:39    Onderwerp: Reageer met quote

Dit bericht pas ontdekt en het interesseert me wel erg. Iemand die weet of die zoektocht naar een eventueel massagraf in Bullecourt wordt voortgezet ??
Een van de begraven AustraliŽrs zou mogelijks Percy Black zijn. Wie meer wil weten over deze legendarische figuur, zie hieronder.

Bron : Wikipedia

Black was killed at the First Battle of Bullecourt on 11 April 1917 while commanding the right flank of his battalion. His battalion was exposed to uncut wire and machine gun fire after a tank offensive failed to clear a passage. Black, leading his men forward, yelled "Come on boys, bugger the tanks!"[13] He captured the first trenches before he was shot in the head while pressing on towards the support line.[1] Knowing the attack would be difficult, Black said to his commanding officer beforehand "Well, goodbye Colonel. I mayn't come back but we will take the Hindenburg Line".[14]

Black is commemorated on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial;[15] his body was never found despite a determined search by his friend Murray.[1] However, Australian press reports on 6 August 2010 indicate that new documentary evidence of a possible burial place has recently been uncovered. A group led by Lambis Englezosówho began the work that led to the recovery of over 200 men missing after the Battle of Fromelles, and reinterred at the new Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery earlier in 2010ófound eyewitness reports from Aliied prisoners of war who were ordered by the Germans to bury the men in shell holes after the Battle of Bullecourt. The group is now trying to obtain funding for ground-penetrating radar surveys of the area to locate the graves.[16]

Het laatste bericht dateert van verleden jaar 6 aug.
Misschien toch hier even afdrukken :
THE final resting place of a Digger described as one of Australia's bravest soldiers is believed to have been found with 200 of his mates in a French field, unlocking a World War I mystery that has endured for 93 years.
A forgotten document that describes the fate of hundreds of Diggers massacred at Bullecourt has helped identify the location of more mass graves in France and researchers want government help to conduct ground radar searches of two sites.

Gallipoli and Western Front veteran Major Percy Black, described by official war historian Charles Bean as "the greatest fighting soldier in the AIF" is one of the hundreds of fallen and missing believed to be in the mass graves.

A World War I report written by a captured allied soldier at Bullecourt describes how he and others were ordered to bury about 200 Australians in shell holes, with up to 30 bodies in each crater.

The research team, led by Lambis Englezos and including Lou Bougias and a dozen others, who found 199 missing Australian war dead at Fromelles, want the Australian Government to assist in the final phase of identifying the Bullecourt Diggers.

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The eyewitness account of the mass burials states the soldiers' identification discs were not taken from the bodies, a fact that will enable relatives of the men to finally know their fate after almost a century.

Major Black's unmarked burial place, alongside up to 50 of his comrades, is believed to be near a small chapel between the villages of Bullecourt and Riencourt-les-Cagnicourt.

Of the 5700 Australians who took part in the Bullecourt battle in April 1917, about 2500 were killed and 866 of the dead were buried in unmarked, mass graves.

Mr Englezos has declined to comment on the latest research but said he believed in a "moral obligation" to identify all Australia's missing war dead.

RSL national president Rear Admiral Ken Doolan said given the success of the reinterment of Diggers at Fromelles, Mr Englezos had established a precedent for a similar process at Bullecourt.

Rear Admiral Doolan told the Herald Sun he supported governments providing the estimated $150,000 for the final phase of the Bullecourt search and said the RSL would "not be averse" to any approaches made to it for help in financing.

"If the same processes that were in place at Fromelles take place and the governments concerned agreed to it then the RSL would support it," he said.

The inscription on a memorial marker at Bullecourt reads: "To the glory of God and in the memory of 2423 officers and other ranks serving the Australian Imperial Forces who fell in these fields and have no known grave, April - May 1917, RIP".

Uit de Melbourne Herald Sun.
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