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Battalions of death in the first world war

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BerichtGeplaatst: 06 Feb 2020 19:15    Onderwerp: Battalions of death in the first world war Reageer met quote

Battalions of death in the first world war. Women's death squad by Maria Bochkareva

Bochkareva Maria Leontyevna (nee Frolkova, July 1889 - May 1920) - often considered the first Russian female officer (produced during the 1917 revolution). Bochkareva created the first female battalion in the history of the Russian army. Cavalier of St. George's Cross.

In July 1889, the third child was born to the peasants of the village of Nikolskoye in the Kirillovsky district of the Novgorod province Leonty Semenovich and Olga Eleazarovna Frolkov, the daughter Marusya. Soon, the family, fleeing poverty, moved to Siberia, where the government promised large land plots and financial support to the settlers. But, apparently, it was not possible to escape poverty. At the age of fifteen, Mary was married. In the book of the Resurrection Church, such an entry was preserved on January 22, 1905: ďThe first marriage of Afanasy Sergeyevich Bochkarev, 23 years old, of Orthodox faith, living in the Tomsk province, Tomsk district of the Semiluksky volost of the village of Bolshoy Kuskovo, took the wife of the girl Mary Leontyevna Frolkova, of the Orthodox religion ...Ē . They settled in Tomsk. The married life almost immediately became unhappy, and Bochkareva without regret broke up with her drunken husband. Maria left him for the butcher Yakov Buk. In May 1912, Buk was arrested on charges of robbery and sent to serve his sentence in Yakutsk. Bochkareva followed him on foot to Eastern Siberia, where they opened a butcher shop for cover, although in fact Buk traded in a gang of hunhus. Soon the police came on the trail of the gang, and Buka was transferred to the settlement in the taiga village of Amga.

Although Bochkareva again followed in his footsteps, her narrowed washed down and began to engage in assault. At this time, the First World War broke out. Bochkareva decided to join the ranks of the army and, having parted with her Yashka, arrived in Tomsk. The military refused to register the girl in the 24th reserve battalion and advised her to go to the front with a sister of mercy. Then Bochkareva sent a telegram to the tsar, to which a positive answer unexpectedly followed. So she got to the front.
At first, the woman in uniform caused ridicule and harassment of her colleagues, but her courage in battle brought her universal respect, the St. George Cross and three medals. In those years, the nickname "Yashka" was attached to her, in memory of her unlucky life partner. After two wounds and countless battles, Bochkareva was promoted to senior non-commissioned officer.

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